FOC 125

Precision Cleaver (FOC 125)

  • Small and lightweight design that is used in the lab or in the field.
  • Provides ultimate reliability, repeat-ability and efficiency along with ease of use.
  • Designed for single and multimode fiber with cladding diameter of 125 micron.
  • Fiber coating diameters of 250 micron and 900 micron.
  • Cleaved length 6-20mm (250 micron) and 10-20mm (900 micron).
  • Provides 48,000 cleaves blade life (1,000 fibers x 3 heights x 16 positions) before blade replacement.
  • Cleave angle capability provides a precise cleave and face angle of <0.5 degrees
  • Cleaver supplied with Side Cover installed only (no Scrap Collection System -Scrap Box)
  • Convenient protective soft shell suede carrying case, and 1.5mm Hex Wrench provided.
  • Part #: 81010

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