For Transmission and Distribution Cables


– WS 16 for 35 to 69 KV cables,  1/0 to 1000 kcmil
– WS 17 for 35 to 46 KV  cables, 1/0 to 750 kcmil
– WS 14A for 69 to 238 KV  cables, cable sizes to 2000 kcmil plus

  • Complete pencilling operation takes  less than five minutes
  • Can expose conductor strand  shielding if required
  • One tool for each  cable/conductor size
  • Fast, smooth tapers
  • Safety assured with guarded  cutting blade
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Insulation on cable end must be  stripped prior to pencilling. For insulation removal use WS 50, WS 57, WS 57A or WS 70.
    Select a WS 9 Series shaver, WS 40, or WS 57A to remove semi-con shield prior to pencilling.
    Use Model WS 50, WS 57,  WS 57A or WS 13B end  strippers. Use WS 9A/9C, WS 40,
    WS 51, WS 51A or WS 57A to remove semi-con shield prior to pencillingTABELLA HIGH PENCILLING

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