AT Series Compression Tools

  • Overall narrow tool body and head design allowing ease of use where space and cable length is limited, such as wall boxes.
  • Premium quality construction black oxide hardened steel.
  • No need for numerous tools. ¬†Choose the design for the connectors you use most.
  • Lightweight design for ease of handling.
  • Tool compression lengths are factory fixed and non-adjustable preventing improper adjustments in the field.
  • ATX – Part # 43990-1: For 59/6 EX (18mm) and RG7/RG11 Connectors
  • ATU – Part # 43990-2: For 59/6 Universal (21mm) and RG7/RG11 Connectors
  • ATC – Part # 43990-3: For 59/6 Universal (21mm), 59/6 EX (18mm) and RG7/RG11 Connectors

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