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Ripley is deeply committed to the implementation of Lean manufacturing practices throughout all areas of its facility. As part of RCI system (Ripley’s Continuous Improvement system), we identify Lean Champions who can drive Lean awareness and shape our manufacturing culture to these principles. By identifying obvious wastes or inefficiencies within all divisions we can then analyze their root causes and effects on the business. We then work to develop and implement sustaining improvements to eliminate those wastes and enhance customer satisfaction overall.

RCI system incorporates a combination of lean manufacturing principles and six sigma ideology. Using six sigma as a management framework we use complex statistical tools to manage our business as well as for identifying potential variables within processes which impact performance. Six sigma has become synonymous for improving quality, reducing cost, improving customer loyalty and achieving bottom line results, a win-win for both Ripley and our Valued Customers.

Lean manufacturing principles and Six Sigma are the two key elements of Ripley’s strategy in achieving operational excellence in manufacturing. That is why Ripley established the RCI, because it focuses on the elimination of waste with a combination of structured six sigma for minimizing variation.

In summary, RCI system is a quality improvement tool and operational excellence program that utilizes data to identify and eliminate problems within processes and establish a refined set of new procedures. It combines two important trends: making work better (Six Sigma) and making work faster (Lean Principles).




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