CT Series

LMR® Hex Cable Connector Crimpers

Category: Crimpers
Part No: Refer to Chart

CT Series Connector Crimper


  • Premium quality crimping tool for Times Microwave Systems LMR® cables & connectors
  • Fixed hex jaws* are precision alloy steel, self-bottoming & will not over-crimp
  • Rugged steel frame for maximum strength & longevity

*Jaws cannot be replaced


Cable AccessEnd


Length9″ (229 mm)
Weight1 lb 9 oz (708 g)
Model Part # Cable Compatibility Connector Compatibility
CT300/400 42465
  • LMR300
  • LMR400
  • LMR300 Crimp Style
  • LMR400 Crimp Style
CT240/200/100 42650
  • LMR240
  • LMR200
  • LMR100
  • LMR240 Crimp Style
  • LMR200 Crimp Style
  • LMR100 Crimp Style