WS 58 Series

Adjustable Cable End Stripper

Category: Jacket Removal
Part No: 34360

WS 58 Adjustable Cable Jacket End Stripper


  • Equipped with a fast, slide-action adjustment mechanism to fit a wide range of cable outer diameters from 0.625 to 1.625 (15.88 to 41.28 mm) without damaging the conductor
  • Two-handle design provides greater leverage & stripping efficiency


Cable CompatibilityPrimary Distribution Overhead, Primary Distribution Underground
Min. Cable Outer Diameter0.625″ (15.88 mm)
Max. Cable Outer Diameter1.625″ (41.28 mm)


Length16.5″ (419 mm)
Weight2.1 lb (953 g)
Replacement Blade Part #34294