Schermata 2014-09-23 alle 14.43.50Ripley is not new in the lean manufacturing, but we can say it is still in the initial phase of its Lean journey. Part of the RCI system plan is to identify Lean Champions that would help drive Lean awareness throughout the division and as well as drive the division’s financial performance and customer satisfaction.

RCI’s implementation of Lean manufacturing will help the division to take a closer look at visible causes and effects in the business. Things that we can see that is obvious waste or inefficiencies that attract attention and demand action. This is where lean manufacturing steps in and makes the difference. It deals with the problems that we can actually SEE and do something about.

RCI system was established with the concept of combining lean manufacturing principles and six sigma. Six sigma is a management framework that has evolved from a focus on process improvement using statistical tools to a comprehensive framework for managing a business. Six sigma has become a synonym for improving quality, reducing cost, improving customer loyalty and achieving bottom line results.

Lean and Six Sigma are key elements of Ripley Division’s strategy in achieving operational excellence in the area of manufacturing. That is why Ripley established the RCI (Ripley’s Continuous Improvement ) system. RCI focuses on lean manufacturing for elimination of waste with a combination of six sigma for minimizing variation.

In summary, RCI system is a quality improvement and operational excellence program that uses data to identify and eliminate process problems, and establish a new set of roles and procedures. It combines two important trends: making work better (Six Sigma) and making work faster (Lean Principles).


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